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Programs and Services : For Children & Adolescents

For Children & Adolescents

Philhaven offers a wide array of caring treatment services that reach out to children in their homes, their schools and their community environments. The programs providing treatment are designed for children and adolescents in areas of serious psychological distress, or to help with school performance issues, self esteem, behavior management, social skills and family interactions, as well as chemical or substance abuse and dependencies.
Philhaven's specialized outpatient services are unique to both children and adolescents ages 5 to 18 and are designed to address individual concerns as well as family and school needs. We strive to maintain our mission of providing our younger clients with relationships of trust and Christ's love and by offering an opportunity to heal and grow on an individual level both spiritually, psychologically and socially. Individual therapy, family therapy, medication management, assessment and consultative services play an integral part in the healing process. Intensive Outpatient Programs are also available for youth needing a higher level of care and attention.

Timely access to our services is provided by serving the surrounding Lebanon, Dauphin, York and Lancaster counties. Philhaven services promote hope and healing for a child or adolescent experiencing depression, anxiety, trauma, loss, behavior, Attention Deficit Disorders, eating disorders, developmental disorders, relationship issues, or family issues. Philhaven's staff of clinicians providing services to youth represents a wide array of disciplines such as psychiatry, social work, and psychology.

“It seemed like I couldn’t trust anyone with the stuff that was happening at home, and I was always getting
into trouble at school. When I got to Philhaven, I actually liked my counselor, and I started learning how to
like myself more, too.”

- Rachel, Age 13